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the essential house shoe

We have deconstructed the Home-Slipper and decomposed it into its components.


The first component is a sole made ​​of 5mm thick wool felt. To be able to stand and walk safely on the sole, it is printed with our proven silicone stopper coating. On this sole we have sewn a hook tape. This hook tape is the connection to the second component: the Hirsch-Natur-sock with felted terry sole.


Wherever you are travelling, just kick off your shoes and step on the pads. The 5mm wool felt protects your feet from cold floors and dubious hotel carpets. The feet are optimally ventilated and liberated. The absolute barefoot walking feeling!


Hirsch pads can be packed very flat and have a weight of only 75 grams. They fit into any suitcase or backpack.

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