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Our sport and trekking series “Sports”  are made from the very finest Merino wool. One important difference: socks made of cotton or synthetic fibres must be washed after each use, so they do not smell unpleasant. Our´s do not

The reason: Sportswear made of Merino wool, the only fibre Nature has created for clothing, turns in contact with sweat to sour pH-values, hampering the development of bacteria and funghi. This environment causes the skin to tighten, avoiding blisters even on long hikes. After intensive sporting or a long hiking day, it is enough to air the socks for a couple of days before you use them again. It is sufficient to wash socks worn/aired like this up to  once a month.

The care is very simple: you can wash the “Sports” Articles after 3-4 weeks of use in the washing machine (wool programme). Our superfine Merino wool is Nature-Texx treated. This chlorine-free treatment allows machine washing. All walking and protection areas are reinforced with an extra thread of untreated colored Merino wool . In use, this wool is transformed into a very strong and abrasion resistant felt, protecting and insulating perfectly. Wool feels comfortable and dry, even when you sweat. It can absorb a lot of humidity (up to 33% of its dry weight).

Our Merinos are from certified organic farming in Patagonia. The yarn is spun in Europe. Dyeing, knitting and manufacturing  is made in Germany.

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