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Organic combed Wool

Wool is the only fibre Nature has created only for clothing.
It is a protein fibre, and works in harmony with the human body due to its similarity to human hair. Wool can absorb a lot of humidity (up to 33% of its dry weight). The special surface of the fibres create voluminous Structures (Felt) with very good insulating properties
In contact with sweat the fibre surface turns to sour pH-values hampering the development of bacteria and funghi. This environment causes the skin to tighten, avoiding blisters even on long hikes. For that reason you should wear woollen socks only for one day, and then air it for two days. It is sufficient to wash socks worn/aired like this every 2 months. Most washing detergents are alkaline and neutralize the above mentioned effect, hence you should wash Hirsch wool socks with wool detergents or shampoo, and if possible by hand
Our organic combed wool is from Patagonia. The climate there, with temperatures below zero, is better for the sheep than the hot and dry climate in Australia. Many of the parasites causing problems in Australia don’t thrive in Patagonia. Therefor cruel treatments like Mulesing are not necessary and of course prohibited in organic farming.
Organic sheep farming requires a responsible attitude to keeping livestock. Thus eco farmers place great emphasis on healthy and species appropriate husbandry as opposed to maximizing proceeds. The farmers accept a greater work load for the benefit of animal welfare resulting in better wool quality. Only organic forage is used, synthetic additives are not permitted. Preventative chemical treatments are not allowed.

Organic cotton

Cotton ist he most important natural fibre, used for clothing. It is strong, inexpensive and easy to wash.
Farmers cultivating organic cotton work without chemical fertilizers or pesticides. They are not allowed to use genetically modified seeds. Organic cotton is cultivated in rotation with other field crops and is fertilized with manure and compost, a procedure which preserves and improves soil quality. The products cultivated in crop rotation with organic cotton serve as organic food for the farmers.
Financial risks for the farmers are reduced significantly because they have no high expenses for pesticides and fertilizers. Most organic farmers are organized in groups. They can rely on a well working consulting system and emphasize close contact to network partners throughout the cotton value chain.

Real Bamboo

Nowadays bamboo fibre can be found in the sock shelf of any supermarket. In reality in most cases it concerns viscose, which is only made on bamboo basis. Viscose is made of cellulose, usually on the bases of wood. In this case bamboo serves as the cellulose donor. Viscose however is an artificial fibre, one, which elaborately and energy-intensively is synthesized. In many steps viscose production emits poisonous and even explosive intermediate products. That is not really  in any accord with “the natural” image, which marketing specialists try to create on “bamboo”-products.

Hirsch Natur as a matter of course does not use viscose, but genuine fibre bamboo. The way of bamboo winning and sinning is similar to linen and therefore the grip is comparable. It rather reminds for firm and high-fine linen, as for the greasy soft pseudo bamboo products. Apart from the ecological advantages, bamboo can be cultivated particularly easy and needs no intensive fertilizers or pesticides at all, bamboo convinces in its outrageous temperature equalizing effect, its great strength and its smooth silk like optics.

Hirsch Natur Bamboo socks are thermal regulating, washable and have a natural sheen and softness similar to silk, They are particularly durable thus making them ideal hosiery.


Linen is the oldest textile plant and has, as wool, been used for clothing for ever. The Upcoming of Cotton, which is easier to manufacture, pushed back the use of linen, although linen is very tear resistant, dirt repellent and indelible. The frugal Linen plant is easy to grow in our climate. Our Articles made of organic Linen have its typical optics, a strong grip and a durability you normally can achieve only with Polyamide.